Stefano lucatello

International Property Lawyer Author and Chef 

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Stefano Lucatello

Stefano Lucatello is the Senior Partner and Head of Kobalt Law LLP.

Stefano Lucatello qualified as a Solicitor in 1988. Languages and Law have always been a very important part of his life and practising career as a Solicitor. Kobalt Law LLP is the culmination of many years of practise both in England and abroad. Stefano combines his knowledge of English and foreign law to advise clients from around the world.

He practised in Gibraltar as an international partner of a Leeds based practice, where he developed his skills in offshore tax and trust law, advising High net worth individuals to protect their fortunes.

  • Commercial law
  • Property Law 
  • Sports Law
  • International Law

international property buying guide

Investing in Foreign Property… the Ultimate Guide To buying Safely

‘It is very hard when potential buyers don’t speak the foreign language or understand the different foreign law that applies to foreign property purchases. The book is filled with great tips and advice, which apply to most countries in the world.’