Stefano Lucatello

 Stefano is an accomplished author, writing on many different international property topics and platforms, as well as appearing on his own Property TV shows and seminars.

He has written an international property buying guide, entitled, “Investing in Foreign Property… the Ultimate Guide To buying Safely”.

The first edition was published in 2015 and the second in 2018, with an update chapter on “Brexit”.

 The book is a generic guide about what potential foreign property buyers need to know and be aware of, when considering buying property abroad.

Stefano says “People never learn that buying foreign property is no less difficult than buying in the UK. How can you possibly buy in a foreign country, without specialist legal assistance, like that provided by Kobalt Law LLP, international property lawyers?

It is very hard, when potential buyers don’t speak the foreign language or understand the different foreign law that applies to foreign property purchases. They believe the agents, who say that they don’t need this kind of assistance and merrily follow the agent’s advice to go to a foreign lawyer, without checking them out first.”

 The book is filled with great tips and advice, which apply to most countries in the world and takes you from the moment you decide to start the property search journey, to  completion of the purchase and then onto living your dream in that foreign country.

 It has 10 chapters and takes 2 hours to read.

 It has been is described by certain well known foreign property commentators, as “incisive and well written”, explaining difficult topics in an “easy to read way”. It has a notepad, at the end, so that readers can take the book with them and write notes as they visit agents.

 It is available on Amazon, by simply typing in “Stefano Lucatello”, with all profits going to the London Marsden Cancer Hospital.

People never learn that buying foreign property is no less difficult than buying in the UK.

Stefano Lucatello